Experience In Teams

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Replit Ventures

Replit ventures is an exclusive incubator program (where less than 5% of applications were accepted) providing a grant, excellent technical and business mentorship, weekly workshops with guest speakers, networking opportunities and a platform for your product to gain exposure.

As a part of a team project, I worked on developing a mail server named DogeMail (originally named repl.email) with my colleague, Marcus Weinberger. Our project was selected for Replit Ventures, a prestigious startup incubator program. During the program, we received valuable mentorship from experienced professionals in the industry, which helped us refine our project.

Our project's goal was to create an email service from scratch, aiming to enhance my skills in both front-end and back-end development. As a key contributor to the project, I took charge of designing and developing the entire front-end interface, while also assisting in certain aspects of the back-end.

For the back-end implementation, we used Python to build a robust mail server, utilizing the Flask framework to serve the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. As the sole front-end developer, I faced the challenge of managing the project's scale. This experience forced me to make use of industry best practices, such as ensuring code readability and maintaining a well-organized structure.

Working in collaboration with my friend Marcus Weinberger, we received invaluable experience on group work. My focus was on building an easy to use interface for the email application.

Our primary objective was to expand our knowledge and practice web development in teams. Although the project remains unfinished, I successfully conceptualized and developed a custom design for the email application. Progress was made on various components, including the homepage, inbox elements, and the compose mail page.

Rafael Asmoucha in photo with US JTACs
Military Experience

As an IDF paratrooper, I gained valuable experience working as part of a team in high-stress situations. Effective communication, trust, and teamwork were critical to our success. Working in such an intense and fast-paced environment taught me how to stay focused, keep calm under pressure, and rely on my teammates to achieve our goals. These skills have translated well into other areas of my life, and I am confident that my experience in the IDF has prepared me to be a strong team player in any setting.

During my service in the IDF, I had the opportunity to join the newly formed unit, Sufa. This unit operates similarly to the US Marines JTAC, providing tactical support to ground forces in combat situations. As part of my training, I was fortunate enough to spend a week with American Marines JTACs, where I learned valuable lessons in teamwork and how to work effectively with foreign allies in times of war. This experience not only taught me important military tactics and techniques but also gave me a broader understanding of how different units can work together to achieve a common goal. I am proud to have been a part of this unit and have gained skills and knowledge that I believe will be valuable in any team setting.