Independant Work And Projects

preview of chess application preview of chess application
Web Analytics App

For my CS50x final project, I conceptualized and developed an analytics platform that allows me to efficiently gather, store, and present data from various websites, all under my domain "" The main goal was to create an insightful analytics tool that provides valuable insights about user interactions with my websites.

Data Collection: I leveraged the power of SQLite3 in Python to store the collected data. The data collected from each page view includes: -User location (determined by device timezone) -Referrer information (to track traffic sources) -Page pathname and domain (for identifying popular pages) -Timestamp of the visit -User's browser details -Device information

Efficient Data Handling: Efficiency was a priority, especially as the dataset grows. To ensure efficient data handling, I utilized tactful SQL queries, taught to me by CS50, to save valuable loading time.

Security Measures: Security was a top concern throughout the development process. To safeguard data integrity, I implemented both front-end and back-end checks. Each "hit" sent to the server is checked for the presence of my own domain "" This ensures that only authorized websites within my domain can use the analytics server.

User-Friendly Presentation: On the frontend, I harnessed the power of Jinja and Chart.js to present the data in a user-friendly manner. I created a form that enables users to select specific months or years to view data from a particular time period. To mitigate potential security risks, I've incorporated backend checks to validate user inputs.

Inspiration: The inspiration behind this project stems from the need for an accessible and affordable analytics solution for my personal websites. Similar services in the market come with a price tag, making them less feasible for students like myself. With my analytics app, I've created a functional alternative that caters to my analytics needs.

preview of chess application preview of chess application
Chess Online

As a web developer, I took on the challenge of creating an online chess game from scratch. The goal was to allow users to play anyone live, just like popular chess websites such as One of the main challenges I faced was learning how to make a multiplayer game server in Python. I spent many hours researching and experimenting with different libraries and frameworks to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience. Additionally, my experience in front-end development allowed me to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for the game. I was able to apply my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to style the game and ensure it was easy to navigate for users. Overall, this project allowed me to push my limits as a web developer and strengthen my skills in both back-end and front-end development.

preview of little man computer emulator preview of little man computer emulator
CPU Visual Emulator

I took on the challenge of recreating the Little Man Computer system in a website. I developed the emulator from scratch and also created a code editor for the assembly code with syntax highlighting similar to that of a Python IDE. To make the emulator more visually engaging, I used blobs that carry numbers to illustrate the computer's operations. The inspiration for this project came from my experience in computer science class where we were taught about the Little Man Computer system using a dated website. I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself and improve on the outdated website by creating a modern, interactive platform that others could use to learn and understand the system better.

Working on the Little Man Computer project was a tremendous learning experience for me as it taught me how to work on and manage large websites. The project was significant and complex, with over 3,000 lines of JavaScript code just for the functionality alone. The sheer size of the project helped me understand the importance of breaking it down into smaller, more manageable components. I learned how to organize my code, keep track of dependencies, and troubleshoot problems that arose along the way. This project also taught me the value of time management, as it required a significant investment of time and effort to complete.

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